Forms to Tresury

सेवानिवृत्त झालेल्या कर्मचारी -अधिकारी यांनी सेवानिवृत्ती नंतर महालेखाकार यांचे कडुन PPO क्रमांक प्राप्त झाल्यानंतर पुढील काय कार्यवाही करावी? या करीता कोणकोणते फार्म भरून कार्यालयास द्यावे लागेल  व ते सेवार्थ मध्ये कसे भरावे या बाबतचे नमुने ची Word File डाऊनलोड करावी. After Retirement Mandatory forms to be submitted to Treasury करीता Worklist=Pension processing=Uplode pension files=and add 4 files

Process for uploading documents for PENSION PAYMENT
1) Click on radio button (Available on left side of Name) for which you want to upload the document
2) Search three document from your computer and click on attach button one by one.
3) Once all three documents are attached then click on upload button.
4) All three documents should be uploaded at time.
5) To view uploaded document click on view button.
6) DDO need to upload the document for PPO which status is documents not uploaded.
7) If the status is ‘Documents are Uploaded and Forwarded to ATO’ then kindly wait for ATO approval
8) Please do not attach same file twice or Name of two files must not be same. After Retirement Mandatory forms to be submitted to Treasury

Word File for Editing your data