Government of Maharashtra in SBI Government Fast Plus Portal.

SBI FAST PLUS banking solution offers the following key feature that allows bank branches to perform
the following activities:
• The transactions are processed as SDMC (i.e. Single Debit and Multiple Credit)
• If the transactions are uploaded for future value date (up to 30 days), the same will be picked up on
their respective dates. Back dated transactions will be processed on current day. The Header
(Mandate) transactions can also be of the future date (up to 30 days).
• For GoM the Treasury Net file is split into multiple Beam-ID wise files. And the Beam ID wise split
files can be processed independently.
• All GoM users on boarded from FastPlus frontend. The Sevarth ID validation is done before
onboarding the user.
• Only TO codes onboarded in FastPlus. The corresponding DDO Codes and its Zone/Region
maintained in the backend master. The master is provided by GoM with Zone/Region, TO and DDO
codes. The DDO code is stored in 10 digits with the combination of 4 digit TO code + 6 digit DDO
• Output files sent by FastPlus to Sevarth and Beams are encrypted. (Including Scrolls files).

DDO Authorizer: Each TO code has certain DDO’s (Drawing and Disbursement Office) mapped under
it. The users associated at DDO level are ‘DDO Authorizers’.

File Name = ‘CMP’+<4 digit TO code + 6 digit DDO code> __<1 digit BatchNo>.txt For Instance: CMP1201003423_2018-11-02_1.txt

The Government Uploader has to enter login details along with the displayed CAPTCHA to log into the
system. Based on the User ID and Password, the system automatically identifies the user and routes to
the landing page of the application.
Perform the following steps to log on to Government Payments:
1. Open a browser window, type the URL in the address bar and then
click Go to or press Enter. The Cash Management Product page appears.

Click the Government Services tab to view the Government of Maharashtra portal login screen



SBI Fast Plus Manual

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