Commutation of Pension Application अर्जाचा नमुनाCommutation of Pension Application अर्जाचा नमुना


commutation of pension अंशराशीकरण No Government servant, against whom departmental or judicial proceedings have been instituted before the date of his retirement, or the pensioner against whom such proceedings are instituted after the date of his retirement, shall be eligible to commute a fraction of his provisional pension authorized or the pension, as the case may be during the pendency of such proceedings for Commutation of pension.

निवृत्तिवेतनधारकांना निवृत्तिवेतनाच्या अंशराशीकरणाचा सुधारीत लाभ किती मिळतो 

“applicant” means a Government servant, including a retired Government servant, who applies for commutation of fraction of pension in the prescribed Form.

Limit on commutation of pension (I) A Government servant shall be entitled to commute for a lump sum payment a fraction not exceeding one-third of his pension.Commutation of pension

(2) In an application for commutation in Form-A or Form-B or Form-C, as the case may be, an applicant shall indicate the fraction of pension, which he desires to commute, and may either indicate the maximum limit of one-third of pension or such lower limit as he may desire to continue.

(3) If fraction of pension to be commuted results in fraction of rupee, such fraction of a rupee shall be ignored for the purpose of commutation.

Death of an applicant before receiving the commuted value If an applicant dies without receiving the commuted value on or after the date on which commutation became absolute, the commuted value shall be paid to his heirs.

Commutation of provisional pension (Commutation of pension)
(1) A Government servant to whom, pending assessment of final pension,
provisional pension has been sanctioned under rule 126 of the Maharashtra Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1982 shall be eligible to commuted a fraction of such provisional pension subject to the limit specified in rule 5.

Calculation of commuted value of pension and its non-restoration
(1) The lump sum payable to an applicant shall be calculated in accordance
with the Table of the values prescribed from time to time and applicable to the applicant on the date on which the commutation becomes absolute.

  1. A commutation once applied for and given effect to cannot be rescinded, i.e. the portion of a pension commuted cannot be restored on refund of its capitalized value.
  2. Provided that he applies for commutation of pension in Form-A or Form-B in accordance with the provisions of rule 13.

    commute 05% to 40% of his basic pension. Amount commuted will be in whole rupee.

  3. commuted value of pension is calculated on the basis of age on next birthday, which falls after the date on which the commutation of pension become absolute

    Application for commutation of pension

    (1) An applicant, who is in receipt of any pension referred to in rule 12 and desires to commutation of pension any time after the date following the date of his retirement from service but before the expiry of one year from the date of retirement,


    (a) apply to the Head of Office in Form-A after the date of his retirement:

    (b) ensure that the application in Form-A, duly completed, is delivered to the

    Head of Office as early as possible but not later than one year of the date of

    his retirement:


    Provided that in the case of an applicant-

    (i) referred to in clause (iii) of rule 12, where order retiring him from Government

    service had been issued from a retrospective date, the period of one year referred

    to in this sub-rule shall reckon from the date of issue of the retirement orders;

    (ii) referred to in clause (v) of rule 12, the period of one referred to in this sub-rule shall reckon from the date of the issue of the orders consequent on the finalisation of the departmental or judicial proceedings.

    (2)An applicant who applies for commutation of pension within one year of the date of his retirement but his application if Form-A is received by the Head of Office after one year of the date of his retirement, shall not be eligible to get his pension commuted without medical examination, Such an applicant, if he desires to commute a fraction of his pension, shall apply afresh in Form-C in accordance with the procedure laid down

    in Chapter-IV.

    (3)A Government servant who is due to retire on superannuation and desires payment of the commuted value of pension being authorized at the time of issue of the Pension Payment Order, shall be eligible to apply for commutation of

    a fraction of pension alongwith pension papers prior to the date of retirement:

    Provided that- commutation of pension अंशराशीकरण

    (a) the Government servant retires on Superannuation Pension only;

    (b) the application is submitted to the Head of Office in Form-B so as to reach

    the Head of Office not later than three months before the date of


    (c) no such application referred to in clause (b) shall be entertained if the period is less than three months from the date of superannuation of the Government servant under intimation to him; and

    (d) the Government shall have no liability for the payment or the commuted value of pension if the Government servant dies before the date of superannuation or forfeits claim to pension before retirement.

    Please give a application to your office for commutation of pension

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